Kirsty + Shaun

Kirsty and Shaun are one of those stories that we all love to hear. I was priviledged enough to spend the afternoon down at Currumbin Beach celebrating their exciting upcoming journey and future together. I was so excited to hear all about the news that in a few days time they were moving interstate to a beautiful little Country town together with their Beagle (yes, they even own an adorable Beagle - this story couldn't get any better am I right?).  

From the moment I met these two I could see that their relationship excuded nothing but pure happiness and epic love. They were not only partners, but work mates and best friends as well. After a short time, my camera melted away and it seemed that it was only Kirsty and Shaun on a the beach which thanks to the summer holidays was actually filled with people. 

These two were EPIC. I loved every second documenting them and can't wait to photograph their wedding next September (no seriously, can next year hurry up please?!).