Pine Forest Love

There's something about pine trees and golden light that just makes my heart beat that little bit faster, so when Dayna and Matt contacted me and suggested that we hold an engagement session at Pizzey Park Pine Tree forest on the Gold Coast - I couldn't say no! 

Dayna and Matt met over their love for food and hospitality. After some time, their love for food blossomed into a love for one another. And safe to say - I'm so glad it did! These legends have an epic connection and comfort with one another that showed up in every shot I took. 

We spent the afternoon running through the pine tree forest, chasing the last of the sun light and trying our best not to trip over pine cones! Although, in true Gold Coast summer afternoon fashion some storm clouds rolled in and stole the last sunlight away - we made the most of it and ended up with some seriously awesome photographs to tell their tale!