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So chances are, if your checking out this page we are going to be hanging out together at your Engagement Shoot - Yesss!
I've created a few questions for you guys so I can get to know you a little bit better and make sure that your photographs are completely you! 
I'm all about capturing the real moments that show you and the relationship between you, because lets be honest no body wants those stiff and awkward "posey" photos. I want to capture the genuine, fun, unique, weird and loving moments that show what your relationship is all about! The laughs, the cries, the sneaky kisses, butt grabs and those feel safe cuddles!

So lets do this! grab a wine or cider, sit down together and tell me the story of you...

Your name *
Your name
Your partners name
Your partners name
For example - The Beach, or a big grassy Paddock!
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